Uncle Herb’s Favorites Gardening Gift Basket


Uncle Herb’s Favorites Gardening Gift Basket is perfect for your favorite chef. This basket features our Uncle Herb’s seed bank, which contains 10 great varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid culinary herb seeds. Included in the basket is our 7-Piece Humble Garden Tool Tote (8″x5″), which contains gloves, assorted mini-tools and a mister. You’ll also find a bag of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, which is an odorless premium soil conditioner. Moo Poo Tea, as it is fondly referred to by gardeners everywhere, helps plants reach their fullest potential. Finally, we added a hand-crafted, hand-cut bar of?Tierra Fina’s ‘Grit’ pumice-based?soap along with a 2 oz jar of lavender & vanilla body creme. Both are perfect for refreshing tired hands after a day in the garden. Basket is shrink-wrapped for shipping.