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Humble Seed Trio Vegetable and Herb Seed Banks


Grow the garden of your dreams with the Humble Seed Trio Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank, which bundles Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles, Vegetable Seed Bank, and Uncle Herb’s Favorites Herb Garden Seed Bank. 30 great varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds are packaged in re-sealable Mylar? bags that make growing now or later both convenient and economical-seeds stay fresh in between plantings and you can save hundreds off of your grocery bill while having a steady supply of fresh herbs, peppers and vegetables just a few steps away. As far as gardening gifts go, the Humble Seed Trio Vegetable and Herb Seed Bank would be a great hit with your favorite gardeners and vegetable cooks. $74.99

Each type of seed is individualy packaged in a re-sealable Mylar? bag for long-term storage and use, making it a great personal seed bank.

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